Educated in various modalities, I incorporate and suggest various schools of training, medical research, cultures, health, and recovery program philosophies into the work. I received my Masters degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology in 1993 at Teacher’s College of Columbia University.  Following that, in 1995, I obtained my degree as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, also at Columbia University. I am a Lyme Literate Psychotherapist (an ILADS member).
     I believe that psychotherapy is an emotive, thoughtful, and curative process which deepens self-awareness and understanding, thus improving the relationship one has with ones full self and his/her/their environment.
     With over 20 years of clinical practice and expertise, I have a created a professional, safe, and comfortable atmosphere in Midtown Manhattan which is easily accessible by all forms of transportation. Please email or call regarding questions. Skype and FaceTime sessions are also provided. I will help navigate you through your insurance issues if needed.
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